Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scottish Games

I know I have a lot of catching up to do...but I wanted to get in this post while I had the time. Every year on Memorial day weekend, at the Orange County fairgrounds, there is a Scottish games festival. My family has attended this event for as many years as I can remember because my dad's bagpipe band would compete, and my sisters and I would compete in dance. Well, now that I live in Orange County, I have no reason not to go!

Matt had to work today, and so it was just me and Scott. I got all packed up and headed out this morning and we spent the entire day there. We watched the bagpipe bands, the interesting Celtic bands...that were almost rock and roll bands, and we went through and looked at the vendors. I didn't get a chance to go watch the dancers or the sports, but I was mainly there to spend time with my dad.

I have been around bagpipes all my life. They are loud. But they have never bothered me, at least that I can remember...but of course, when it is my own baby all of a sudden I was thinking ear protection!!! I didn't think he would stand for earplugs so I did the next best thing...huge earphones. They actually worked out pretty well. He managed to fall asleep while wearing them, and took his nap as we walked around the bagpipe bands.

Grandpa was pretty excited to have Scott around. He bought Scott his very first kilt. He got a lot of attention as we walked around. People just love this little guy...and that just boosts my mommy-ego! So here are a few pictures from the day. We had a great time, and if you are ever interested in going, just remember Memorial Day Weekend, OC fairgrounds!

This is my dad's band, marching off after competing. They did a great job. (Go Pacific Coast Highlanders!)

Scott and Grandpa, Scott's kilt slipped up into his was a little big.
Nap time...right next to the bagpipe bands.