Monday, March 28, 2011

A day in San Diego

Matt does quite a bit of traveling for work. This past week he has been in San Diego, and even though it isn't too far away from home, it is a lot easier for him to stay in a hotel down there rather than driving back and forth for 5 days. Of course, that also means that he is away from home for 5 days!

We took advantage of him being close enough to home that Scott and I went to San Diego to visit him for a day. We got there a couple of hours before he was done working for the day so Scott and I took advantage of having the hotel room to ourselves.
We started with a picnic lunch out on the balcony
Then we both played on our laptops while relaxing on the bed.And Scott even wanted to make a few phone calls, room service anyone?When daddy finally came to join us we went for a walk and enjoyed the lovely San Diego atmosphere, and even took a dip in the hotel pool.

We had dinner in a restaurant right over the ocean, and watched a couple of cruise ships taking off. And I was even treated to a complimentary "congratulations" dessert for my pregnancy. This little girl is going to be my favorite if she keeps getting me free food!!!! Actually to be honest, I think our server was confusing us for someone else, because after she brought the dessert she asked if she had waited on us before, and obviously she hadn't. But the gesture was very nice!

It was a nice day to spend together as a family, and I am still crossing my fingers for Matt to be sent to Hawaii and have me tag along!