Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hiccups, Stretch Marks, and More

So things have just been moving right along. As you can see from my little ticker off to the side, I only have 7 more weeks until my due date! Matt and I are so anxious to see our little boy. We can't wait to hold him, and to snuggle him. (Yes, I realize he shouldn't come out now...but I think you understand).

Our little boy has been pretty active. He gets hiccups about 3-4 times a day, he moves a lot, he flutters around, and he stretches. He has stopped using my bladder as a bean bag chair, and has found comfort in my diaphragm and my ribs. That's ok, I love him anyway :)

Matt found my first stretch mark the other day (boo!). I can't see it without looking in the mirror and contorting my body, so I think I will just be in denial! HA! I called my mom to whine about it and she just laughed when I told her I figured I could make it all the way through my pregnancy without any stretch marks. :) Not really, but it does kind of bum me out. I can just call it my first "battle scar."

Besides myself and the pregnancy... Matt and I attended his 10-year high school reunion. We took the camera, but didn't take any pictures. But I can set up the scene for you. Open bar, a bunch of late-20's who are trying to impress, at least one flashing of a full bum and tan thong, and a bunch of drunk strangers (to me) rubbing my belly like I was Buddha. Matt was able to catch up with a couple of old friends, but now with things like Facebook and My Space it seemed like everyone already knew what was happening.

The other night we went out with some of Matt's family to celebrate his Grandmother's 80th birthday! I have adopted her as my own grandmother. I love her dearly, and it was delightful to spend the evening celebrating her birthday. We've got a bet going that she is going to make it to 90! C'mon grandma, you can do it! Here are a couple of pictures from the small little party.

Grandma was very surprised to see the cake come out!

Grandma had no problem blowing out her candles.

Grandma and I waiting for our table.

Matt and his dad... a rare picture, so I had to put it in! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We've "adopted" a cat. Our across the street neighbor's cat wanders around the neighborhood and all of a sudden he started walking up to our house on a very regular basis. Before, he used to just wander around in the plants, but now he is coming up to our doorstep and mewing like he wants to come inside-he actually did sneak into the house one day when I opened the door a little too wide. I put out some water on the doorstep, just because it has been so hot lately.

Matt has named the cat "Socks" because his white feet, and we go out and play with him. It is kind of funny, because Matt is allergic to cats, and he usually doesn't care for them, but he has really bonded to Socks. Here are a couple of pictures.
For the record, Socks has not made us forget about our doggies. But they sure don't like it when they hear that cat walking up to the door.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Truth or Dare?

Remember playing Truth or Dare? Without fail someone would always ask the question "What is your most embarrassing moment?" I never really had an answer. Sure, I've done embarrassing things, I have farted in class (and let my BF take the blame...sorry Candace), I went to hygiene school with my scrub pants on inside out, I have made an idiot out of myself at parties, and I have shoved my foot in my mouth numerous times. Well, I have a new winner.

Yesterday I did a hygiene temp job. I had been having a great day until my 2nd-to-last patient. There had been a misunderstanding about him coming in early to see the dentist first and then to get his teeth cleaned with me. Well, the doctor had left early so he wasn't there to see the patient when he came in...of course the patient wasn't happy.

Luckily I was finished early with my previous patient (a child) so I was able to take this patient early, however I needed to take an x-ray of one tooth for the doctor to check next time. Now I can go into a long explanation of what happened next, but I don't want to lose lets just make a long story short and say that I didn't know how to set up the computer to take a digital x-ray in this office and all the other assistants had left. So, I fumbled around with the computer and when I thought I had figured it out I put the x-ray sensor in his mouth and as I turned to walk out of the room to push the button my foot tripped on the sensor's cord and I YANKED the thing out of the poor guys mouth!!!! And of course he yelled out in surprise/pain (?) as it happened.

I apologized over and over, and I admitted how embarrassed I was, and I wanted to find the nearest darkest hole to crawl into. To make matters worse I tried to take the x-ray a 2nd time, after getting his permission to try again, and the darn thing didn't even work. I was absolutely embarrassed. I apologized once again (luckily he already knew that I was a temp, not a full time employee), and we just did his cleaning...where I hope I redeemed myself. I tried to make a joke that I could get my own business of yanking teeth out the old fashioned way with a string, but this already unhappy patient couldn't possibly get any more upset.

So, there it is. I have a new story to tell whenever someone asks me if I have a "most embarrassing moment."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 weeks

I didn't get a picture up for 7 months, so here I am at 7 1/2 months. 10 weeks left!!! Throughout my whole pregnancy I have never really gotten too worked up about anything in particular, I am not too much of a worrier. HOWEVER, now that I can actually feel the baby's arms, legs, head, bottom, back, etc. I am starting to get a little freaked out about my clumsiness. I am nervous about every little bump that I might have, that it might hurt the baby. I don't want to hurt him by being careless. I almost prefer to be in a bubble right now. I am so anxious to finally see my baby boy, I just need to take care of myself.