Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scott Laughing

Scott has been full of surprises lately! He is so much fun, especially when daddy is around. He LOVES to smile for his dad. Today, I got my own surprise. He started to laugh! Of course I grabbed the nearest thing I had to a camera (my cell phone), and tried to get him to laugh for me again. He seemed to respond to me laughing for him, but after awhile I started to sound like a Tickle Me Elmo...I should know, I had one.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A funny thing happened while at the doctor's office...

**This post contains content that is not necessarily suitable for a male audience. Although the content of this post is not graphic in any way it does make reference to events that take place in a OB/GYN doctor's office. Reader discretion is advised.**

So I went in for my 6-week postpartum doctor's appointment on Monday. All through my pregnancy Matt went to all but 2 appointments with me, but now I am on my own and I also get to bring little Scott with me.

The nurse took me back to the examination room and we determined it was time for my annual exam. After I had situated myself on the exam table with my little paper drape I realized that I needed to bring Scott next to me, because by this time he was awake and I wasn't exactly in the best position to hop up to take care of him if he started to fuss. So I wrapped myself up and pulled the carseat over (which was sitting on a chair) until it was right next to me.

Everything was working out fine, Scott was looking around, and then he started to get a little fussy. I tried the pacifier, but it just wasn't what he wanted, he was hungry. Ok, so what would you do? I am waiting for the doctor to come in, I am half naked, and my baby is hungry. I kind of hesitated because the office wasn't busy at all while I was there, so really the doctor could have walked in right as I started to nurse Scott. But I took the chance, afterall I would rather ask my doctor to wait a few minutes than try to calm a screaming, hungry infant.

So there I am, sitting on the doctor's exam table, my nakedness only being covered with a little paper drape, and my top half is exposed to feed my son. Even though no one saw me, I thought I looked pretty silly. I am certainly not embarrassed to be seen nursing my son, but I just thought the situation was pretty humorous. (Maybe this is one of those "you had to be there" moments).

Scott finished eating before the doctor came in (surprise, surprise), and everything went on without a hitch. In fact, my doctor was nice enough to take Scott from me and place him back in his car seat so I wouldn't have to get up myself.

Then of course the doctor ended our visit by telling me he wouldn't need to see me for another year...unless I get pregnant...Ha! What a funny guy :P

Monday, January 26, 2009

Great-grandma NaDeane

Scott got to meet his Great-Grandma NaDeane today. Matt's grandma is just the sweetest lady you could have for a grandma. She is so proud of her grandchildren and even more so, her great-grandchildren. She is always able to tell you how many great-granddaughters and how many great-grandsons she has. She absolutely loved Scott, and couldn't get over how big he is!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Picture Time!

I took Scott to get his pictures taken yesterday. It was pretty funny because when the photographer asked how old he was and I said 5 weeks, (6 weeks on Sunday) she looked very surprised, just like everyone else. :) What can I say, I have a big boy!

My appointment at the studio was early in the afternoon initially, but I had to push back our appointment to late afternoon because Scott decided to spit up down the front of his outfit the same minute I put it on him. Ugh, I tried just wiping it off, but being a tiny bit obsessive about it, decided to throw it into the washer. The funny thing is, once I put it on him the second time he had a...very full diaper. All I could do was laugh, and pray that it didn't spill over. Thank goodness we avoided having to wash his clothes for a second time.

Taking infant pictures was not something I was really familiar with, so I showed up to the studio really early to be prepared for anything. I also took a bag with nearly all of his clothes, to be prepared for anything! The photo session lasted for over 2 hours. Scott was really good for the first part, then started to get fussy which slowed things way down. I had to stop to change his clothes, his diaper, to soothe him with his pacifier, and to feed him twice, and ultimately to lull him to sleep. *sigh* Part of me felt as if I was torturing my poor son all for the sake of taking pictures. But I think by taking my time (the photographer was sooo patient with me) I think I wasn't traumatizing him, just allowing him to be unhappy for a few brief seconds at a time. (That's it Katie, just rationalize, everything will be ok.) I would be lying if I said that I wasn't exhausted and wanted to cry by the time I got home, but we were successful in the end. I think everything would have been better if we had managed to make it to the earlier appointment, oh and learn.

Here is my little man in his Hawaiian-vacation look.

Isn't he handsome?

This is going to be the picture for out birth announcements, they are pirate themed.

This is after having a complete meltdown in the mother's room at Babies R' Us.

Last of all, a little keepsake.

I am very pleased with my experience overall. I do feel bad that my son wasn't happy, but I will get past it, I think he slept it off on the car ride home.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The smile that shook the world

While I was working, Katie being the budding videographer that she is found out that our boy was starting to smile. So she grabbed the camera and this is what she recorded.

Yes yes I know, I have the cutest baby in the world, 
please leave comments telling me so.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My son's head looks like a coconut... Ha ha ha, ok, maybe the shape isn't quite right, but when I look at his round little head and the light layer of hair it makes me think of a coconut. My poor baby, his mother is crazy!

I still need to write a real update...but Scott has different plans for me. Until then, you can enjoy the back of my son's head. Too cute.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hmm, the title this post sounds bad, oh well.

This morning Scott and I were having some floor time and I got the bright idea to try to get Scott to hold his rattle. He wasn't really interested in holding it, but I was persistent. While talking to my dad on the phone I mindlessly placed the rattle in his hand one more time. He grabbed it and in his spastic baby-style flung his arm up and whacked himself in the forehead with the rattle!

He immediately started screaming, which just absolutely broke my heart. I scooped him up and held him close. I felt so bad, I couldn't help myself from crying too. I know that it was an accident, but I couldn't help but feeling so horrible about "allowing" my baby from getting hurt.

He quickly got over it, within minutes he was sleeping in my arms. So we are doing much better now. Here is a picture of sleepy Scott and the rattle.

On a much happier note, last night Matt got to feed Scott for the first time. We gave Scott his first bottle and he did so well. It was so fun to see daddy feeding Scott, I could tell he was really enjoying the moment. It is a fun "milestone." Now I can leave Scott at home with daddy if I need to.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year, a new life.

Happy 2009! I love when the new year rolls around, it is such an exciting, happy time. I love to go shopping for my new calendars, and having that feeling of starting over. It is great time to reinvent yourself and set new goals, or at least try better at the old ones. I'm not a big "New Year's resolution" person, but I do try to reflect on the past year and ask myself if I am happy with who I am now.

In addition to all these wonderful things, the new year also brings back routine. We've all been on a mini-vacation away from work and daily schedules to some degree. Now is the time to get back to work and school...bummer!

Luckily, Matt has been able to be home from work ever since Scott was born (we were really hoping for him to be born a lot sooner than he was so Matt could have more time off work). It was so great to have Matt home for 3 weeks. It really gave us the opportunity to bond as a family. We both had the chance to spend time with Scott, to get to know him, and to learn how to take care of him. I am happy to say that Matt and I work well together as a parenting team so far!

But now, Matt's time off work is over...bummer again! Today is Matt's first day back to work, and instead of being at the office, he is in Las Vegas until Wednesday doing a video shoot. Scott and I dropped him off this morning at his office, and now we are at home...just the two of us.

This is my first time being alone with Scott for more than an hour. In fact, this is a whole new life for me. Instead of going to work, I get to stay at home with my son and be his mommy! Talk about starting fresh this year! I am looking forward to my one-on-one time with Scott, but we sure are going to miss daddy. Matt is such a fantastic dad (hence my previous post). There are times when I swear he has better maternal instincts than I do. So, I may fumble a little here and there, but I think Scott and I will be ok.

I also want to just say how grateful I am that I have the chance to try to be a stay-at-home mom. We are going to just see how we do, and hopefully we can keep it this way. There will probably be a time when I will need to go back to work, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Scott is such a wonderful little boy. He is my little angel and I love him so much. He is curled up on my chest taking a nap while I type this and I just don't want to put him down. Well, here's to my new adventures, and a big hug and kiss to Matt while he is away.

Oops, Scott is awake, time change another poopie diaper.