Friday, November 30, 2007

All nighter, ugh.

So I am basically physically and mentally useless once it gets past 11:00pm. If I am out with friends it is a little different (not that I actually go out with my friends much at all...but I digress). I have always heard about people pulling all nighters to study or to do this or that. I have made attempts to do an all nighter, but I fail after 11:00pm. However last night was a do or die kind of circumstance. I had NO other choice but to stay up all night to finish a report on gastrointestinal diseases and a powerpoint presentation that I was to give to the class today. I have known about it all semester long, and just kept putting it off because I had to study for this, or work on that... you know how it goes.
So this is my all nighter story.

I am trying to hold off on turning on my heater at home for as long as possible so I can save some money on my gas bill, so my house is FREEZING! Then I get to the point where I am actually willing to turn it on, but then I remind myself that we haven't used it in a year and I need to clean the filter, otherwise the house will smell like dust for a week. So the heater stays off. Last night I put on my thermals, grabbed the heating pad and put it on my lap, then wrapped my legs and feet in a fleece blanket. (Christmas gift idea: electric blanket!) The only problem I had after that was my hands. They were so cold, and they had to be exposed to do all the typing. How sad.

I also don't like silence for too long. I like background noise and I also like watching certain shows. Well, thanks to the marvels of the internet I decided to watch a few shows online while working on my report (Matt and I have 2 monitors for the computer so this is quite nice). And now I know what you are thinking...if I didn't watch anything while working on my report it PROBABLY wouldn't have been an all nighter...but that ruins the story!

I worked and worked, and ate leftover pizza once at dinner time, and then again at 10:00pm or so. I stopped to take a shower around 11:00pm ( body started shutting down). I came back and was able to work until 1:00am. I had to get some sleep, so I laid down in bed and set the alarm to get up in a few hours. I got back up at 4:00am and worked till 7:00am. I finally finished, right as it was time to leave for school. Luckily I had a little time to run to Kinkos (way to expensive by the way) to make all my handouts for the class and get back to class to turn in my report and give an awesome presentation! HOORAY!

So, not quite an ALL nighter if you count those 3 hours of sleep I had, but for me...that is close enough! I am not looking forward to doing that again, but hey...for anyone who says that procrastination is not the way to go, think again! I always work best under pressure! (Of course, it is easy to say now...let's just wait and see what grade I get :)

Happy sleeping!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

OK, so the last post was there for less than an hour and Cristen guessed where Matt was. Either my clues are that bad, or she is that good! Either way, yes...Matt is in London, England!! The funny thing is, randomly about a month or two ago he decided to get his passport (in the hopes that his movie-deal goes through), but turns out he needed it on short notice! He found out last Saturday that he was going. He left Tuesday and will be back on Friday. Not a long trip, but he did get to spend today roaming around. I will post the other pictures soon! Thanks for playing "Where in the World is Matt?"

Where in the world is Matt?

Did you ever used to watch "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" I used to love it because the winner got to choose anywhere in the world to go to on a free trip. Except it always bummed me out when they picked California, or Las Vegas. Well I figured in honor of that show I have decided to play "Where in the world is Matt?" Matt has to travel occasionally for work and this time he got to go somewhere really cool! I will post a couple of pictures and some clues, then you try to figure it out! Ready? GO!

Clue #1: When I am eating an early breakfast, he is eating a late lunch.
Clue #2: It is the home of some VERY important people...
Clue #3: A very tall "guy" always has the right time
Clue #4: The only thing that is dry there is the wit!
Clue #5:
Clue #6
Clue #7:

Ok, once you guess it, let me know and I will post some of his other pictures he sent me. Aracely already, see if you can beat her to it!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving today. This year my family decided to spend Thanksgiving in Utah at my mom's house. Originally the plan was for all of the kids to drive up from California together. Unfortunately at last minute one of my sisters, Natalie, could not come due to work (boo!) So our journey began yesterday (the day before Thanksgiving). My older brother, Clint, started in Santa Barbara and drove into Camarillo to pick up my sister Erika, her son Tanner, and my little brother Andrew. They the left for the ~80 mile drive to Anaheim (typically a 90 minute drive), which ended up taking about 4 hours (boo again!) *by the way, this wasn't a surprise, we are all fully aware that this is the busiest travel day of the year*. They did not get to Matt and me until 6:30PM. Now as unmotivating as it was to leave for Utah that late into the night, we really didn't have much of a choice. So on we went!
I guess the one good thing about leaving that late is that the traffic had died down tremendously! We probably only added about 30 minutes to our 10 hour drive. I drove the majority of the way, just cuz I felt like it. But Matt had to finish off the last two hours (around 2:30am-4:30am). Besides being EXTREMELY tired, it wasn't a bad drive. Most of the passengers slept through the entire drive anyway.
So here we are in Utah now. The weather is very cold, but no snow or anything. We currently have our turkey in the oven which I prepared with my mother as my sweet grandmother observed. I can't wait to over stuff myself!
Ok, so a long story about how we got here, but I have to say that I am so grateful to be with my mother, my grandmother, and most of my siblings (Natalie will be having Thanksgiving dinner with my dad :) I am grateful for my husband!! He takes such good care of me, he makes me laugh, and he gives me so much joy. Our love for one another grows each day! I am grateful that I only have 179 days until my graduation. I am grateful for good friends. I am grateful for my niece and nephews and for the joy they bring me. I am grateful for the beautiful world we live in and for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I hope you all take time today to give thanks. Best wishes!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What blog?

So, life has taken a turn down the busy highway. There are no exits any time soon, and the speed limit is too fast to slow down. Ok, dumb analogy...but I know you can all relate. Just wanted to put a plug in for Aracely's for some new and exciting things!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I've lost about 10 inches...

...of hair that is. I finally went for it and hacked off my hair. I have been growing it out for the last five years and I haven't had it that long since I was a kid. But unfortunately my low-maintenance lifestyle was being affected by this unruly amount of hair so it was time for it to go! I love it now, I think it is going to be a nice change.