Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alice's blessing day

Today was a special day in Alice's life as she was blessed at church by her father. When Scott was blessed as an infant I explained the significance and purpose of blessings here. But basically it is meant to pronounce the name of the child as they will be known as well as offering them an inspired blessing of spiritual and temporal strengths and promises of blessing from their obedience to God's commandments.

It is tradition for the child to wear white, and for years I have been dreaming of having a daughter who would be draped in a beautiful white gown for her blessing. Luckily my mother has been a domestic seamstress! She has made clothing for us ever since we were babies, our Halloween costumes, and even our prom and homecoming gowns, among many other projects. So, while she was visiting us after Alice was born, she made Alice's blessing dress, to my specifications.

I wanted an old fashioned style, that was very long.
A closeup of the embellishments of lace, pin-tucking, buttons and bows.
Alice looked lovely in her dress and the blessing was beautiful. I am grateful for family and friends who support us. It was nice to have people come together for our daughter's special day. (My apologies for not spreading the word about the blessing for anyone who would have liked to come, once the dress was finished I didn't put a lot of thought into it.)
Alice dressed to go to church, I didn't want her white dress to get dirty.
Grandma and Grandpa Worley
This was the best picture I have of us as a family, Scott couldn't wait to go to nursery.
My dad and my sister, Natalie
Brothers, Matt and Michael, with their children: Lauren, Michael, and Alice (minus Scott)
My uncle Steve and aunt Laurie and their children: Nathanael, Tessa, Benjamin, Adam, and Micah
Alice showing off her dress
My mother's co-worker made Alice's socks