Monday, September 27, 2010


Is it attack of the bees in the Worley home?!?
Not quite.
It is Scott trying to say "please," which usually comes out as "BEEEEE!" He actually says it quite often, whenever he wants something in fact. He will come up to us, and and say "BEEEE" as he drags us into the kitchen for a snack or a drink. He will say "BEEEE" as he brings me a crayon when he wants us to color together. He will say it as he brings me something he needs help with, like opening his snack, or even reading a book to him.
The best part is the volume he uses when he says it. Nice and loud! I had to take Scott to an event at church, and as we sat down for dinner, he got the whole table of ladies to stop and look up at him as he said "BEEEE" for a drink of water.
I am so happy that he has learned to use at least one of his "magic words." I guess it is time to start working on "thank you!"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

I don't think there is any way for me to completely"catch up" on what has been happening in the Wonderful Worley World, so I suppose I will post some pictures from the past few months, then try to move forward! Here is a quick update:
Matt has been working hard this summer. He usually travels quite a bit during the summer for work. This year he has gone to Michigan, Texas, New York, and coming up at the end of September he will be going to North Carolina. He has been trying to get his own web series "Mouthbreathers" up and running, in addition to several other projects with his co-founded business The Juniper Sequence. In addition to work, he is a fantastic dad and a wonderful husband. He loves to play with Scott and he takes on a lot of responsibilities when he is at home.
Katie is mostly staying at home with Scott! I absolutely LOVE being a stay-at-home-mom. For the time being, I am finding it necessary to work a few hours during the week. By no means is it full time. I work 2 half days a week, and soon I will be working one additional full day every other week.
Scott is awesome! He will be 21 months old this month. Some of his favorite things to do are to swim, play with trains and cars, watch Toy Story, climb, run, and grab mommy & daddy's hands to take them places. Hardly an all inclusive list, he is a toddler, and he acts like one! We love him dearly and we are just so proud to be Scott's parents!
Please enjoy some pictures from the past several months, and we will try to keep you updated on a more regular basis!