Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Time to start the guessing! We'll be going in for an ultrasound on Tuesday, February 1st, and hopefully the baby will cooperate to show us who he or she is!

Personally, I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other, no predictions. Although just for convenience Matt and I have been saying "he," perhaps mostly out of habit.

The Chinese gender calendar predicts: GIRL

What do you think?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2-years old!

Scott turned two just a few weeks ago! Scott is such a wonderful little boy. He is so gentle and sweet, and yet he is an adventurous little boy who loves to climb, jump, and even wrestle. He is a very quick learner. Generally when he has a new toy in front of him the first thing he does is he figures out how it works, not necessarily how to play with it, but how it works. He finds the on/off switch and he opens and closes it, and once he has figured it all out, then it is time to play!
Scott has had some "terrible-two's" behavior, but he has also learned that it doesn't get him what he wants, so it really hasn't been that bad. We had about one week of the full screaming tantrums, but those seem to have dissipated, I think that was possibly also related to the fact that all of a sudden his pacifier magically disappeared. :)

Scott has a loving heart. He is gentle with his friends, he gives love to his mommy and daddy, and sometimes even to his friends. Scott is also very independent. He doesn't seclude himself, but he also doesn't need constant interaction. He can occupy himself very well (which comes in handy when mommy needs to cook dinner or do dishes). When we tell Scott it is time to go to bed, he finds a few toys to take to bed and then scampers off to his room. The toys aren't usually a distraction, so we allow him to do it for now. Scott still enjoys his swim lessons, in fact, he has moved up to the baby-grad class. He is such a little fish! His teachers often have to keep an eye on him because it is not uncommon for him to try to swim on his own while they are working with another student. Luckily the classes are small, so there aren't too many children to wrangle.

Right now, Scott's favorite toys to play with are his trains and cars. He also loves to color with his crayons and chalk. He is also very good with puzzles, so he received the shape-o-ball for his birthday. And speaking of balls, he LOVES to bounce and throw and kick bouncy balls. When Scott gets a chance to pick out his own movie, he will usually choose "Finding Nemo," "Thomas and Friends," "Bug's Life," or "Cars."

Here is a fun picture from Scott's birthday party. We kept it very simple. Just cupcakes and family only. Scott got a new tricycle, some clothes, and a bunch of other toys from family members. We just love our little boy to pieces and can't wait to see what this year will bring!