Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby girl

Being pregnant for the second time has been an interesting experience. Of course the excitement is there, although there are noticeably fewer people asking me "Are you excited?" (I always thought that was the dumbest question you could ask anyone when they were pregnant, because 1. if they are excited, of COURSE they are excited and 2. if they aren't excited, are you prepared to hear "no..."? Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. ) But as far as thinking and daydreaming about the pregnancy, quite honestly I don't have the time! I've been busy running around and chasing after Scotty. In fact, there were several times prior to feeling the kicks that I would actually forget that I was pregnant. But my little lady has put an end to that.

My expected-daughter has already tried to make her presence known. I imagine that perhaps she knows that she is the 2nd child of the family and wants to be sure that she is noticed. My tummy definitely shows that I am pregnant, which is a good thing since I only have 10 weeks until my due date!!!! But, my darling daughter finds moments to say "I AM HERE!" She pokes, and flips, and rolls, and punches, in addition to your standard kicking. There is a single spot that is her absolute favorite to jab. She also manages to "launch" herself off my hip bones. She moves on the surface, and she moves deep inside. When we go to my doctor's appointments she wiggles and shakes my belly while the doctor listens to her heartbeat. Matt calls her a mover and shaker. I've got her occupations pinned down to a few options:
  • a martial arts expert
  • a ballerina
  • a soccer player
  • a professional boxer
I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, after all she is due a few days before the 4th of July. She is already my little firecracker!

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