Saturday, May 7, 2011

Matt & Scott's 1st "Father & son's outing"

Every year our church holds a Father & Sons' outing/camp out. This was the first year that Matt took Scott to go! As a mom, I had mixed feelings about this. I was so excited that they would start going on these adventures together, but yet I was worried that 1. Scott may not make it through the night sleeping in a tent and sleeping bag, and 2. that I would miss him too much. Well one of my two concerns came true...I missed him SO much!

They drove out in the afternoon, had some fun, ate hot dogs for dinner, and then when it was time to wind down, they snuggled up in the tent and watched one of Scott's favorite videos on Matt's phone. Scott managed to fall asleep without too much of a hassle, and that is where he stayed until morning!

They woke up, had breakfast, and came home shortly after that. It was a simple camping trip, but they did it! I am so pleased to know that Scott had a good time spending time with his daddy and enjoyed camping!

Scott enjoys a yummy snack.
The park had a carriage that Scott enjoyed climbing on.
Water is so much fun to play with!
All dressed for bed, time to settle down and get ready to go to sleep.
This is how Scott fell asleep...
...and this is how he was in the morning...he slept like a baby.
Yay for camping!
Bye-bye camping!


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