Monday, April 29, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Ok folks, it has been two years since my last post.  Needless to say a lot has happened so I think I'll do a quick update a la Christmas card style.

Matt is still working in the same job.  He has been traveling a lot for work.  Some of the more exciting destinations have been Peru, Italy, and Hawaii.  He has been working on completing some college courses so that he can transfer and finish his education.  

Katie, moi, is working part time, which means I get to be home with my babies the rest of the time!

Scott is four years old and is going to preschool.  When Scott was two he was diagnosed with mild-moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  I can talk more about this in another post.  He has become very interested in Legos and superheroes.

Alice is 22 months (technically, tomorrow).  She is such a beautiful girl.  She had a rough patch from about nine months through about 18 months.  She is extremely attached to her mommy and this was the cause of many tears (both hers and mine).  She was quite a little pill, but has come around and has become such a beautiful little girl.  She is very talkative and playful.  She still loves her mommy a lot, but she also is quite attached to her daddy.  She loves princesses and Popsicles.  

We are getting ready for some fun this summer and I wanted to make sure I documented all the fun!  Now that I've started, I suppose I have some more updating to do.  Stay tuned!